Tuesday, February 19, 2013

soft snores and a sense of security

It's 2:35 in the morning.  And I can't seem to fall asleep.  I'm getting there, but I'm not about to fall asleep face first into my pillow either.  Maybe it's over-thinking things that keeps me awake.  Maybe it's the half of a Rockstar I had earlier.  Maybe it's the fact my best friend isn't sleeping next to me tonight/this morning.  The quiet hum of the AC/heat unit in my room coupled with the soft snores and sense of security that come with them put me at ease at night.

It's been 13 days since my last update.  In that time, I've been on-call, had way too many office hours, have secured an internship site for next spring (two, actually), gone to class, and spent time with Vic and a few other friends.

It's hard to believe that it's only been a year since I've gone to a few counseling sessions, kicked around the idea of going to grad school 13 hours away (in retrospect, I'm so glad that I didn't), and had been courted with the promise of quesadillas and wonderful companionship that has turned into the relationship Vic and I are in today.

I've been at school for about a month now, and haven't gone home once yet.  I plan on going home the weekend of my birthday, but really don't have anything special planned for it.  I'm just looking forward to a home-cooked meal.  That's all I really want.  I'm easy to please.

Vic and I were toying with the idea of going somewhere for spring break to celebrate our one year anniversary, my birthday, and his birthday, but then we realized that the locations we were considering were all just more cold places.  Given the weather here lately, we decided to stay here.

Overall, it's been a pretty good semester.  Classes are interesting, the GA job is the same as it ever is, and my dad has recently mentioned he and my mom are going to lease a car for me.  My brother and I are both in school and work, and both of my parents work, so it's a necessity.  He and my mom will pay the lease until I graduate, and then I'll take over payments post-graduation.  Which also means that not only will I have my 4 classes and GA job over the summer...but also going back to work at my seasonal job.  It'll be hectic and probably headache inducing, but knowing that it's all worth it in the end and that Vic and I have a class together once a week makes it all the better.

I guess I should go to bed now... Vic's coming over in sometime in the early afternoon, I have office hours at 1, and I'm going to a mock networking/etiquette dinner tonight while he's in class that I should probably look alive for...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Becoming an Adult... Sort of

I follow a blog called Adulting:  How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps.  The tips are varied, from how to cook chicken to various tips and tricks for cleaning to repairing things when they need it instead of replacing them.

Rest assured, I have never had to refer to this
diagram before getting dressed. (Full size here)
Since my sophomore year of college, I have worked as a Desk Assistant (signing guests in/out of the building), Note Taker (taking notes in class for a student with a disability), Community Assistant, and now Graduate Community Assistant.  I worked part-time at the pizza place that features an animatronic mouse the summer after my freshman year of college (and, yes, it was hell).  I worked part-time during summers and winters since July 2010 selling office supplies and filling ink cartridges (it turned out to be one of my favorite jobs).  I don't know if I'm going back there yet this summer.

But I digress.  I'll graduate with my Master's degree in 15 months.  Yikes.  I've never been one to like dressing up unless I have to, to wear make up on a daily basis (I can't remember for the life of me that I wore it, honestly), and to take the time to do more than shampoo, condition, comb, and dry my hair every day.

I would like to look more professional, so little by little, I'm going to attempt to reach that happy medium of looking professional without feeling awkward.  Trading in jeans for slacks and skirts, hoodies for sweaters, t-shirts for blouses, and tennis shoes for flats (I don't do heels).  The things that will always remain, however, are a set of rings (one with a V, one with a C) and the necklace that Vic got me for Christmas.  I wear them everyday and feel weird without them on.

Since I'll be holding a graduate assistantship in a different office in the upcoming semesters, working as a school counseling intern in the fall (not to mention having two different internship sites in the spring), and attending classes on top of that... I think it's time to take a little time to dress up my wardrobe, actually care about my hair's appearance more than I currently do, and maybe even learn to love dressing up.