Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And fired.

"Hey, sorry to do this to you again. Something's going on at the store. I'll call you back when I know something," I replied.

"Again?" he groaned. "This is the third time this week."

"Yeah, yeah. Not sure what's going on..."

I ended the call.  The local hardware store, which I didn't remember having three entrances, was surrounded by four or seven cops, I don't recall which, most with guns drawn, and one taping off the area. I asked one what was going on.

He didn't seem to hear me. He told a young boy of six or seven to stay low to the ground.

The other cops got into position, laying on the ground, as if they expected someone to walk out of the store. Why they were doing so, I had no idea. I looked around. The parking lot was eerily empty. The store itself was pitch black on the inside, as if had been abandoned for some time. All of a sudden, the cop who I tried to talk to saw me.

"Get down as low to the ground as you can," he instructed. "We've been given word that there's a man with a gun on the premises."

Confused, I followed his orders. It was then I realized that I knew the cop. He worked at the university I attend.

I gazed around. The other cops still had their weapons drawn. Other people laying down had looks of fear and worry in their eyes. It was oddly silent. Not even a crackle from the cops' radios broke the silence of the scene.

And then it happened. Like a blur to everyone except me. The six or seven year old made a sudden movement. My mind said get up, stupid; my heart said stay, idiot. He reached for a gun. My heart was in my throat.

He pointed it at the officer I knew. What in the hell is this kid doing with a gun, I wondered. I didn't have time to think more of it though.

Officer R, as I always called him, was scurrying away from the kid. He's a hard ass cop, I thought, standing up, why is he acting this way? Why is he terrified and I'm not? The kid took aim.

And fired.

Somehow, for some unknown reason, I jumped in the bullet's path that was hurdling toward Officer R.

Another cop shot the kid's hand. The gun fell. People screamed.

All I remember is blood. Screaming and lots of blood. My leg felt warm, but the rest of my body shivered.

I hit the pavement with a sickening thud. Still conscious, albeit somewhat dazed. Another officer requested paramedics on his radio.

It felt like a boulder hit my knee. I guess because that's where the bullet hit it. I have an unusually high pain tolerance... But this was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before.

The last thing I remember is Officer R riding in the ambulance with me. Calling me a hero. And there I laid, wondering if I should call my friend back...

Note Not unlike this entry, this too was another vivid dream of mine. I don't know why I have them. Or why I get injured in them.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Your mom goes to college

My room is a mess disaster zone. I have my last final due sometime tomorrow today. I've been a lazy bum all week, it seems. I have eight post-it note reminders on my desk. I feel as though I've done nothing productive. Two final grades are in so far. Eventually, I have closing duties to help with. Three last office hours. One last desk shift. Oh, and that disaster zone to attend to. Crap. I wonder what my boss from the Red Cross where I interned would say if I asked for help... She'd probably laugh at me.

Last year during finals week, I finished watching Lost. This finals week has resulted in me sleeping way more than I should, being anti-social with my residents (oops), and a general lack of giving a crap. Not good. Needless to say, I am more than ready for break to begin. I think I was ready whenever I got back from Thanksgiving break.

I've been talking to quite a few people about grad schools lately. Most recently, I talked to my former residence hall director who has since moved on to a different position at a different university. She asked me to tell her what I thought the things that either I think are good about it or what I think it'll be like. Yay Facebook chat (when it works, that is).

I said, "Well, I've realized I really like working with the students, which is why I want to focus on res life (or possibly career counseling on the higher ed level or admissions), the interactions and helping students really learn about themselves and achieving what they are really interested in just makes me happy that somehow, I've been a part of that process."  True story.  I love this stuff.  Sometimes, my job seems like a thankless environment. But then there are those days where my residents really do appreciate what I do, and it means the world to me.
Yes, Kip, my mom *does* go to college.

A few minutes ago, I was talking to a friend who is a former CA (same thing as an RA, but different title) from my school about how I want to go somewhere new for grad school. I've lived in the same county for 21 years... my whole life. I go to school half an hour from home. My mom attends the same school (she's a second year grad student this year). My mom is amazing. And, yes, I realize how biased that is.

As we were chatting, he said something that perfectly sums up how I'm feeling about grad school, moving on, dealing with change, etc.:

"I'm scared of change but get bored with the current, odd eh?"

I immediately connected with these words.  I'm looking at grad schools that range in distance from 2 hours from home to 14 to on the other side of the country.  I suppose now it's time that I focus on what's really important to me, and everything else will fall into place.  Only time will tell... And I'm excited to see what's going to happen next.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Freaking out commences in 3... 2... 1.

Just a quick post...

There has been another shooting at Virginia Tech.  My cousin was in the process of getting his Bachelor's degree there when the first one occurred, and just a few months ago, he got his Doctoral degree from VT.

He was offered a faculty position for the spring.  I don't know if he's accepted it, nor do I know if he's on campus today (as he lives quite close).  But if you could keep him in your positive thoughts, I'd really appreciate it.

I'll let you all know as soon as I hear from him.


Update:  He was working in a different city today, so he wasn't near campus.  Panic attack averted.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 days and counting...

Chad: shopper extraordinaire and best friend.
In 10 days, it will be December 17. Which means the celebration of two birthdays (one cousin, one friend). Graduation for some of my friends. And the start of winter break for me.

Thanksgiving break, was in a word, awesome. Even though I didn't get nearly as much work done as I had hoped. As I had mentioned, I had a friend over for Thanksgiving and apart from the three others in my immediate family, we had my grandparents, and two of my mom's siblings and their families over. In total, 13 people. Whew.

Later that night, my friend (pictured above) texted me:  "I'm starting my shopping at midnight... :x"  Needless to say, I decided to take the plunge and go Black Friday shopping at midnight for the first time.  Normally, I go out around 11 AM.  This year, I conquered a ton of my shopping way early, and got home at 7:15 that morning.  My parents were placing bets with each other as to when I was going to get up (Dad said by 4:30 PM, Mom said not at all... I woke up around 3-ish).  I love my parents.

It's been an interesting semester, to say the very least.  Even though I have 71 residents this year, I've managed.  Better than I thought I would.  Thank goodness for self-sufficient honors kids.  Granted, I do have a resident who has told me on more than one occasion that he wants to date me (which is incredibly awkward).  I've politely told him every time that not only am I not interested in a relationship at the time, he is my resident.  And I am not about to date my residents.  I realize that in my sophomore year, I had a crush on my adoptive RA, but we decided to just be friends, and that's all I could ask for.  I'm so thankful to have maintained that friendship.  (I could also lose my job for this.  Which I am not about to risk losing... I want to work in student affairs.  That wouldn't look good.  At all.)

Anywho... Long stories short, I'm still here..  Some days are busier than others.  Some nights I don't fall asleep until 4 AM.  Surprisingly, I slept really, really well last night... Which doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's absolutely wonderful.

Fortunately, I'm just about all wrapped up with one class and have just a few more assignments in others... Then it's back  to selling over-priced office supplies for 20 hours a week, wrapping presents, and having my friends over for our annual get-together and gift exchange.