Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 is here, and so am I...

Even if it's a month and a half late.

2014 has been an interesting year.  Vic got the first job he applied to, and apart from 2 visits, we've been four hours away since January 5.  And it sucks.  Neither of us like being far apart, because we love being together and spending time with one another and the separation is no fun.  Thankfully, we have both traveled to see each other since the move, but saying good bye still sucks.

I started my internship after visiting him in January, and he left yesterday after coming up for the long weekend (well, I worked at internship during the day and then we went out for dinner).  Apart from classes, internship, working, and doing homework, I've been applying for jobs in the area where he is for the better part of 2 months.  I'm hoping to visit again in late March for Vic's birthday, and can't wait for that.  1 month and 10 days from now, I hope I'm on a bus to see him.

I had a phone interview in January, but the company wanted someone to start in February.  Apparently a resume and cover letter stating that I'm done in May didn't make that clear...  But I digress.  I've been applying to counseling jobs, student support, nearly anything that catches my eye and am capable of doing.  May 9 cannot come soon enough.  Commencement will mark the start of being done with grad school, moving in with Vic, and becoming roommate and spouse sometime in the summer.  No, we're not engaged yet, but we talk about marriage quite a bit.  I can't wait to be married to my best friend!

Needless to say, my mood has had its ups and downs with Vic being more than 40 minutes away.  This morning, I tried to get to internship and my driveway decided that that wasn't happening.  Between sobs, I called my supervisor to say I wouldn't be in, and the amount of cursing I did and what I said would make a pirate blush (pirates are notorious for swearing, right?).

But for now, I'll eat my leftovers, apply for jobs, and see if I can make it to night class...