Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 is here, and so am I...

Even if it's a month and a half late.

2014 has been an interesting year.  Vic got the first job he applied to, and apart from 2 visits, we've been four hours away since January 5.  And it sucks.  Neither of us like being far apart, because we love being together and spending time with one another and the separation is no fun.  Thankfully, we have both traveled to see each other since the move, but saying good bye still sucks.

I started my internship after visiting him in January, and he left yesterday after coming up for the long weekend (well, I worked at internship during the day and then we went out for dinner).  Apart from classes, internship, working, and doing homework, I've been applying for jobs in the area where he is for the better part of 2 months.  I'm hoping to visit again in late March for Vic's birthday, and can't wait for that.  1 month and 10 days from now, I hope I'm on a bus to see him.

I had a phone interview in January, but the company wanted someone to start in February.  Apparently a resume and cover letter stating that I'm done in May didn't make that clear...  But I digress.  I've been applying to counseling jobs, student support, nearly anything that catches my eye and am capable of doing.  May 9 cannot come soon enough.  Commencement will mark the start of being done with grad school, moving in with Vic, and becoming roommate and spouse sometime in the summer.  No, we're not engaged yet, but we talk about marriage quite a bit.  I can't wait to be married to my best friend!

Needless to say, my mood has had its ups and downs with Vic being more than 40 minutes away.  This morning, I tried to get to internship and my driveway decided that that wasn't happening.  Between sobs, I called my supervisor to say I wouldn't be in, and the amount of cursing I did and what I said would make a pirate blush (pirates are notorious for swearing, right?).

But for now, I'll eat my leftovers, apply for jobs, and see if I can make it to night class...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Apartment Hunting 101

Last week, Vic had a phone interview for a job at a pretty big school in a pretty big city.  Next week, he has another interview for a job in the same area but over Skype.  Of course, I'm nothing but thrilled for him and hope nothing but the best for him and that he'll get an on-campus interview.  He asked me to ask a friend of ours who lives in that area what she would suggest in terms of apartments if something does come of the interview and he gets a job in the area.  Big city = big prices for apartments and groceries and other necessities of life.

I've been looking at ads on craigslist for apartments and rooms in houses to see what's out there, available, general pricing, etc.  Some of the ads I've seen are hilarious.  Others are serious.  But based on what I've seen, here are some thoughts on room ads on the website.
  • Sleigh-style beds are fancy and look nice if the room is styled similarly and appropriately.  However, lime green walls don't exude this at all.
  • If you're posting a picture of a room where someone currently lives and sleeps...make sure the bed is made, and there aren't clothes and Victoria's Secret bags strewn everywhere.
  • Plum trees don't have a 'b' at the end.  (Although the guy who lived in my parents' house before they did who drew a map of the property thought that it did as well.)
However, if Vic gets and accepts one of the jobs, then we'd definitely be looking outside the city for apartments that aren't terribly expensive.  Once I graduate, we'll have two incomes instead of one and be able to afford somewhere else, should we decide to move from where he is at that point.

Either way, I'm very excited for him and the potential for jobs in a city he and I both love, and who knows, maybe I'll have some news to share soon.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sleep? What's that?

Ever have one of those days where all you want to do is cuddle up into a blanket cocoon with a book or a best friend?  The past week and a half or so has been like that for me, and I'm lucky enough to be dating my best friend, so I don't think he'd object to the cuddling part.  I know I wouldn't.

Since my last update, life has been kinda busy...
- I've been working as a counseling intern with 5th and 6th grade students since late August twice a week;
- I work on campus three days a week, and have 1 or 2 classes on two of those days;
- I also work part-time on the weekends;
- And I have an online class, a boyfriend I only see once a week (and we both hate how little we get to see each other), a family I feel like I rarely see despite living with them, and am the president of a campus-wide organization.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the students I work with on a regular basis, enjoy the teachers, staff, and counselor immensely, and am learning a LOT about what I'll be getting myself into once I graduate (is it May 9 yet...?  Yes, I'm counting down the days - don't judge).  The kids I work with are pretty great and sometimes I'm afraid they're going to run me over in the hall or after lunch, but like any pre-adolescent/pre-teen, they have family stuff.  Friend stuff.  Stuff I never thought I'd work with, but that's part of what I'm studying.  Learning to be the best counselor I can for these kids, and those that I'll be working with in the spring.

But I'm exhausted.  Mentally and physically.  And sometimes emotionally.  I had to go to MedExpress the other day after working with the kids simply because I don't have time to go to my actual doctor for a long overdue corticosteroid shot and prescription.  However, I do think they did more for me than my regular doctor would have, so there's that, even with a shot in the butt.  (Don't get me wrong, he's a good guy, but appointments take all of 30 seconds it seems.)

Keeping myself organized has definitely helped me this semester with everything going on.  I register for my final semester of my Master's program in a week (holy shit).  I'm taking an online class, 600 hours of internship, and a Substance Abuse course with one of my favorite professors.  This winter, I'll be working 40 hours a week, but saving as much as I can because as soon as I graduate, I'll be relocating to wherever Vic happens to relocate...I've lived in the same area for 23 years.  It's time for a change, and I'm looking forward to spending more than 2 hours a week with him.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Growing Up: Finances and Banking and More...

A few days ago, I posted this status on Facebook:

After I got off of work that evening, I added this comment to those from my friends:

Graceful, I am not... I've even tripped over a plastic shopping bag.
Today, my knee is a few different colors, but thankfully, there's no more pain.  It got me thinking, though.  Growing up is simultaneously awesome and terrifying.  In less than a year, I will have a Master's degree.  I am hoping to have a job secured by the time I graduate.  Vic and I decided to split the decision of where we relocate to 60%/40% since he graduates first.  It only makes sense.

One of the things I am not a fan of with growing up is banking and financials.  For a while, I had over $4,000 in my savings account.  Due to helping to pay for graduate school, I now have nowhere near that.  My job on campus goes toward my tuition and I get $35 every two weeks.  My other job pays me weekly and above minimum wage (which is seriously awesome).  Because of a few missteps, I overdrew on my account last month.  It took until my most recent paycheck to cover this and get everything squared away.  Fortunately, I also have income from Amazon now and again through selling books.

My bank covered some of the overdraft fees, but because I was still waiting on paychecks, the sustained overdraft fee kept adding up.  I now have a positive balance in this account, but am closing the account because I need/want a fresh start with a new bank (who, by the way, has been nothing but helpful).  Earlier, I tried to transfer that meager amount of what I had leftover to my new account.  Apparently, I couldn't transfer amounts of less than $10.  Eventually, I need to go in and collect the amount that's less than what a gallon of gas costs...

Although Vic and I will have to make the decision of whose bank we use for joint accounts, where we move to, and what cell phone provider we use (we have different banks and providers currently), knowing that we compromise really well together is awesome.  We're both trying to be more frugal as well and save what we can.  We pack our lunch (and dinner for me) for most days we're on campus, and use coupons as much as we can.  For a while, Vic was even trying to grow vegetables in my room when I lived on campus.  I don't see why we wouldn't continue to try this when we move in together.

Both of us will have 600 hour internships in the fall and spring respectively, and won't have jobs on campus to help pay for those credits.  I'll be working weekends at my other job, but that's only 2/7 days a week.  I have set up a spreadsheet for myself of my income, upcoming expenses that I know about (gas, membership fees to professional organizations, et cetera), and it's definitely helping me put it into perspective of what I need to do to make sure I don't screw up again.