Bucket List

I've been reading a lot of bucket lists, 30 before 30 lists, 101 in 1001 lists, and the like. I wrote a bucket list a while ago. So, as of now, this is my bucket list of sorts.

...And these are in no specific order.

Want to achieve...
- Go skydiving.
- Go snorkeling.
- Visit Europe.
- Learn how to shoot a gun.
- Ride in a hot air balloon.
- Go to Canada.
- Get a 4.0 at least once in grad school.
- Marry my best friend.
- Take a LOST tour in Hawaii.
- Donate blood.
- Be on Jeopardy!
- Have a family and love them unconditionally.
- Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination.
- Learn how to do basic car repairs.
- Watch the sun rise on a beach.
- Submit a crossword to a newspaper that gets published.
- See Coldplay in concert.
- Two words: zip. line.
- Go to a taping of The Big Bang Theory.
- Go to ComicCon in San Diego.
- Thank the people who have gotten me to where I am today.
- Go to the airport with no plans and book a flight somewhere.
- Kiss under a fireworks show.

- Meet Frank Warren.  (2/2010)
- Send a postcard to PostSecret.  (4/2011)
- Work for a non-profit organization. (6-8/2011)
- Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  (8/2011)
- Save $2,000 by May 2012. (10/2011)
- Donate to a charity, either monetary or actually doing volunteer service. (3/2012)
- Finish the Leader for Life program at school by April 2012. (4/2012)
- Donate my hair to Locks of Love. (5/2012) [Read about it here]
- Get accepted into grad school. (7/2012) [Read about it here]

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I am looking to contract with a cruciverbalist who has creativity and a command of the english vocabulary to design easy, medium, and difficult crossward puzzles for us. Are you available for hire? If yes, please contact me at 616-566-1176. Mark

    1. Do you have an email where I can contact you instead?

  2. Did you ever do this-design crossword puzzles, I mean? I miss your blog. Hope the world it treating you well and you are on your way to finishing your bucket list some day. It goes so fast! Camerabanger.