Friday, June 22, 2012

Only Fools Rush In

Late January:  I'm the CA on-call and a friend/resident has had a bit much to drink and is acting, in a word, obnoxiously.  The next morning, the aforementioned friend's friend, who I had met the previous night, comes up to me and apologizes for the friend's behavior.  We talk a bit, and then he leaves.  A few days pass.  We see each other a few more times over the next few days, and chat a little more each time. My interest is piqued...

A little under four months ago today, I wrote an entry about how being single isn't the same thing as being alone.  I mentioned how a friend and I had made plans to hang out, just the two of us.  Today, I'm happy to write that said friend and I are now not only friends, but in three days, will have been together for four months.

February 7:  Friend request received (and accepted) on Facebook from the friend who apologized.  We begin to chat and hang out from time to time.

I'm not usually one to write mushy-gushy romantic stuff, but as I once told Vic, "Every girl deserves a Vic... But I'm lucky. I've got the Vic."  Sure, there's been some crazy, but overall, it's been amazing.  (And, of course, there have been some tears.  I never knew until now that a simple, sweet text message conversation could make me cry.  And it takes a lot to do that.)

February 25:  We start dating.  We tell some close friends and family members so it's not a total surprise when we decide to put it on Facebook (because everybody knows it's not totally official unless it's on Facebook, of course).

My friends have told me that they've not seen me this happy in a long time... And they're right.  Knowing that there is someone who cares about you and your well-being as much as you care for them is, well, wonderful.  From the silly SpongeBob references and rooting for the LA Kings to win the Stanley Cup, to taking each other for medical help, watching silly cat videos on YouTube and chasing after stray cats, listening to Elvis, and just being together, I never imagined this kind of happiness in my life.  It's amazing.

Today:  I write this entry as the happiest girl in the world who gets to spend a weekend with an amazing guy... And can't wait.

My favorite person to match in purple with... 

Wise men say, only fools rush in...
But I can't help, falling in love with you.
Shall I stay, would it be a sin?
If I can't help ... falling in love with you.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

To my dad...

To the man who gave me a love of crosswords, a quick wit and sense of humor, reading to me night after night as a child (and trying to skip pages in Wacky Wednesday), a passion for classic rock, lessons in being a friend and what it means to love someone, teaching me to drive (even if it did mean driving to another state for a simple ice cream cone), advice when I needed it and a lesson to go along with it when I didn't want to hear it, and an incredible amount of love and support for the past twenty-two years of my life...

Happy Father's Day, Dad. You're the best father a girl could ask for.  I love you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Snooki, the Pirates, and inadvertent innuendos

A few nights ago, my family was watching TV as we do probably a bit more than we should. Sure, we have a dining room table set, but we barely use it. Anyhow, a commercial for an interview with Snooki came on the air, and my dad asked why anybody would even watch it. I simply replied, "She's popular and rich, apparently that makes for good air time." He then proceeded to ask me why I couldn't be Snooki so that I could be rich and he could manage my career. My dad has an offbeat sense of humor and wit that I inherited. I just told him that I don't want to be a drunk Oompa-Loompa.

As I mentioned in my last entry, Vic and I got to see each other over the weekend. We went to a Pirates game with his sister and her husband. The first few innings were sort of fun. The team did well, and despite the heat, it was great to just spend time together. At the end of the fourth inning, we decided to get some drinks because we were sitting on the 3rd baseline in 90°+ heat.

We like coordinating t-shirts, even if
it isn't the right team for the event.
And that's when it hit me. We stood up to move to the concession area, and by the time we got up to the top of the stairs/riser area, I could barely breathe. My heart felt like it was beating twice or maybe even three times as fast as it should be, and on top of breathing difficulty, I could barely stand. I bought us drinks, but was still feeling like I was going to pass out. The shade helped, but I was still iffy at best. We found an air-conditioned kiosk, and stood in there for a few minutes. I was honestly really scared, as I'd never felt like that before.

Eventually, I did wind up going to first aid where they just took my pulse and let me sit for a few minutes. Needless to say, we didn't go back to our seats. We just stood/sat in shaded areas for the rest of the game. (We had really gone for each other's company, if nothing else.) I have the best boyfriend in the world.

Apart from making comments about Dorito-colored celebrities and feeling like death at baseball games, summer's been pretty low-key. I have some family arriving in town later this month to celebrate the grad party and visit, which will be a lot of fun.

My parents have also been trying to fix the vacuum cleaner and they continue to make unintentional innuendos and it's taking most of the willpower I have to not make really bad jokes when they do. I mean, you can't just say things like, "Well, jam it in there!" and "Maybe if I blow it..." without my mind wandering...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Graduation 3, Interview 1, and a 5 cent raise

On Thursday, I'm really going to feel like the older sister I am. My not-so little brother is graduating from high school. It still hasn't sunk in that I've graduated from college, and that he's going to be heading off to school in the fall.

I love my crazy family. And, yes, he purposely made that face.

I'm incredibly proud of him.  He's certainly done a lot this year.  He took AP French (which is what he's planning on studying in college), played a season of lacrosse, and started a part-time job a few weeks ago.  My mother, like any mother would be, is worried that he won't be able to adjust to having a roommate.  As I told her, just make sure he answers his roommate survey honestly (once you're in res life, you don't forget things like this).

Speaking of the mother person, she's been studying her past notes and books for the past few days, as she has a job interview on Monday.  I'm excited for her.  Not surprisingly, she's a nervous wreck.  She and I very unalike in some regards.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of interviews either, but I'm sure she'll do great.

She and I are also going to a concert in two weeks, and I can't wait for that. I've been to quite a few concerts over the years with my dad (Styx, Foreigner, Kansas, Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, and Jefferson Airplane, to name a few), and one with both of my parents, but never just my mom. Okay, so we saw Raffi when I was 2 or 3... But that was 19-20 years ago. She and I are seeing one of our favorite singers, James Taylor. She's seen him in concert before, but I never have. I'm so excited.

I've also been working about 20 hours a week (I even got a 5 cent raise...woo, a whole five cents. But, hey, I can't complain too much). Work is slow half the time, so it's kinda boring, but hey, it's money in the bank. I also got my new computer the other day, and I absolutely love it.

In terms of graduate school, I have yet to hear back about being admitted (then again, I only took the MAT less than a week ago). I did hear, though, that if I can get a job as a graduate-level CA, then everything except food and books would be paid for, which is amazing. Free grad school? Yes, please!

Beyond that, I've just been trying to conquer my summer reading list and hanging out at home. I do, however, get to see Vic on Sunday and I can't wait. Even though we live less than an hour away from each other, we're both pretty busy this summer, so seeing each other is always wonderful.