Tuesday, November 9, 2010


If stress was a person, she just bitch-slapped me (metaphorically speaking, of course). I usually deal with stress really well, but now it's slowing eating me. I think that I finally realized how much I have to do in a little over a month, the reality of it all set in.

I've come to the realization lately that my life needs structure in it. Granted, I usually don't mind changes here and there, but right now, as a CA... I need that organization. As I write this, I look around my room. Newspapers, empty water bottles, crushed Coke cans, library books, and more are strewn everywhere. Then I turn my eyes back to my desk, and there it sits: The list.

The list is a master list of sorts... It's everything and anything that I can think of that must be accomplished, x-ed out, nixed... done by December 17. And by everything... I mean, everything. (Well, nearly everything school and work related).

I have something like...


- 5 tests (2 in psych, 2 in Organizational Behavior, and 1 in business)
- 6 quizzes (3 in business, 3 in psych)
- 2 projects in Desktop Publishing
- 1 paper
- And who knows, probably some homework assignments thrown in there, as well

Community Assistant Stuff
- 25 office hours
- 5 on-call nights
- 2 on-call weekends, one of which is a backup weekend
- 1 bulletin board (hanging it up soon)
- I'm hoping to have 3 builders a week (so around 15 of those)
- 1 program (on Monday)
- 2 room inspections
- 3 or 4 floor meetings
- 2 (probably more) staff meetings and 1:1s

- Library books to return soon (probably Friday when my paper is handed in)
- Time cards to turn in for my note-taking job
- A room to keep clean
- And a class that may or may not be added to my spring schedule

Whew. This list is way too long for my liking, so I'm about to go and tackle as much as I can before I get eaten alive.


  1. Cary, I hope that you aren't too stressed to "stop and smell the roses" each day! Things will work out...you are organized and responsible. And believe it or not, one of these days you might miss having an infinite "to-do" list...Have a good week!

  2. Thanks, Jan!

    I actually got a lot accomplished this week, so that definitely helped. I got the paper, bulletin board, a meeting, one of the projects, and a quiz done so far.

    I'm returning the books tomorrow, and hoping to conquer the quizzes this weekend.