Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update on life and other musings...

Well, I suppose it's time for a "what's happening in Cary's life?" post because it seems like a lot of my posts are award show rants/raves. (Granted, the Oscar nominations went live today and the Grammy awards are on February 8, but those are two future blog entries)

Anyhow... So far in the time that I've been back to school for CA training and the start of the semester, I really can't complain too much. My neighbors are being quieter this semester, which is great for me and the residents on the other side. I'm keeping my head above water, though sometimes I need a life preserver.

My classes are pretty awesome. Only one class a day except Mondays (oh, the joys of a night class) and two online classes (one of which is a late start class anyway). My 400 level capstone class is a lot of reading, but it's a pretty sweet class. And having friends in it is always a plus.

I have 2 400-level classes, 2 200-level, and 1 100-level. I still can't believe that I'm already a college junior, and only need 4 more classes for my major. Admittedly, it is a little scary. I have ideas of what I'd like to do after graduation next year, but those ideas change weekly. I would love to go to grad school... But I don't know what I want to study (or where, for that matter). Money, location, and the program are all things to consider. Do I want to go into Human Resources? Should I get an MBA? Am I willing to relocate completely? How far should I go? Would I be guaranteed a TA or GA position to help fund my education? What about housing if I go somewhere not close to home?

I've also applied for an internship through UPMC Health Systems in Human Resources, but I haven't heard back from anyone regarding that. I also picked up an Upward Bound application today. Don't get me wrong, I love my seasonal job at OfficeMax (and they've told me they'll take me back a third time), but I'd like to experience something new (and possibly relevant to my future career, whatever that may be).

I suppose only time will tell at this point... I'm just hoping that something, somewhere along the line will pop up, a lightbulb will flash, and I'll know that that something is exactly what I want to do.


  1. You changed your blog layout. I approve. The old one's background was too distracting. Where did you get this from?

    (Off topic, I know, but I'm OCD and this is what my mind focuses on first. I can't offer any advice about career searches in the Real World because screw it, look how that worked out with me haha.

  2. Thanks. I'm picky about layouts too. (Simple = good) I got it from Blogger Themes, but heck if I can remember what theme it is, because I probably edited the heck out of it. (I made the blogger header on Scrapblog, and then cropped it in Picnik)

    (And no worries on the Real World stuff... I'm just trying to plan what I'm doing the next few days, let alone the rest of my life. Oh, the life of a busy CA, haha)

  3. I just checked out Blogger Themes. Wow, this site is so much better than anything else I've found. It drives me nuts that my current theme, while simple and clean, removes the navbar from the top. I think it's time for an overhaul...again.

    Starting to really get into this blogging thing. I'm thinking about more frequent updates, connecting to communities, that kind of thing.