Thursday, November 24, 2011

Alone tomorrow? I think not.

My parents have always been incredible in supporting me in my various ventures.  As a kid, I tried everything from gymnastics to baseball to swimming to attempting to play the clarinet (most of these things lasted a year and then I got bored of them.  Some lasted less... When you're hit in the middle of the chest with a baseball, things change).  I think the only things I never had an interest in were dance and cheerleading.
Because nobody should be without family for the holidays.

Anyhow.  They also taught me that giving is one of the most important things you can do.  Whether it's volunteering your time (hello, 152 hours of unpaid/volunteer internship last summer), helping someone sort through an issue (sometimes I feel like a psychologist, not an RA), or any number of other things.

They also taught me to treasure my friendships.  Sure, some have dissipated over the years, but most stay for a pretty long time.  Two of my best friends and I have known each other for eight years this year.  EIGHT.  That's a hell of a long time.  Or so it seems.

And I'm thankful for all of these experiences, lessons, and for the love they've given me.

However, for me, this Thanksgiving is different.  Sure, we're having my grandparents over, as well as two of my mom's siblings and their families, but we're also having one of my friends over.  She decided not to go with her mom and her partner and their two adopted children for Thanksgiving at a relative of the partner's.

I consider this friend, like many of my female friends, to be the sister I never had.  Because she's just that awesome.

She would have been home alone if I hadn't asked my mom if she could come over.  In my book, being home alone for any holiday does not fly.  Nobody should be without others.  Now let's only hope that she doesn't mind my ridiculous family.  Ridiculous as they may be sometimes... I wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. wow! that is one of the most joyous and wonderful things you could have done!, Amazing always treasures those morals in which your parents have taught you

  2. and this is why i love you so much cary <3 thank YOU for being the sister and best friend that i have always wanted. i just have to say, your entry made me cry. only you and Ryan have done that. Thank you Cary <3


  3. J.Ashley, thanks! My parents are really special to me and I only hope one day I can be as awesome as they are.

    Dakota, you're so welcome! I'm so glad you got to spend the day with us.

  4. You sound like you're a wonderful friend. I'm one of those people who tends to spend holidays alone rather than with my family and it always means so much when my friends reach out and include me in what they're doing.