Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go!

First Week of Grad School...!
 So, my first week of graduate school begins in less than an hour...

It's so weird to think that four years ago, I was having lunch with my mom after one of my classes (and on her birthday).  Since it was only freshman year, I hadn't yet changed my major to Industrial Organizational Psychology, so I had a philosophy class (at 8 in the morning, no less), a few art classes, English, and History.
A fountain on campus

Now, I have an education class and three in Counseling.

My younger brother starts his first week of undergrad tomorrow.  My youngest cousin continues his elementary school career.  It's surreal still.

Vic and I were talking earlier tonight, and he said that it had been two years since he had done an internship in DC.  Now he's one year away from a Master's (even though we're only just under three weeks apart, he finished his double major a year early...smarty pants :)).  We agreed that high school seems like forever ago, even though it's only been four years.

First bulletin board of the semester
Even though I've been at the same school for what will be my fifth year, I'm learning that there are still things I'd like to do.  This time around, I'm starting in a curriculum that interests me (as opposed to freshman year when I changed my major).  I'm trying to stay as organized and on top of things as I can.  I want to get a 4.0.  I never did in high school or undergrad, and I really want to now.

My calendar and agenda are both color-coordinated to match the binder covers I made for each of my classes.  It even coordinates to my dry erase board.  Except for two classes, I have the textbooks I need (the perks of dating someone in the same curriculum).  I even made email distribution lists for the work studies I'm in charge of and my residents.

But for now, I'm waiting for my laundry to finish drying, perhaps check to see if any syllabi have been posted online, and then heading to bed... My first office hours of the semester begin tomorrow.  Here we go...


  1. I can tell you're ready for this. Very excited. Your words illustrate this quite clearly. And hey, why not? You should be. You have essentially hit the jackpot when it comes to grad schools. Cal U isn't the perfect place, but free tuition plus room and board? It's going to make life so easy for you the next 2 years. That and Vic, of course :D

    Good luck on the 4.0! I pretty much have that locked down, even though I didn't get it in undergrad. With enough dedication and hard work (plus a little bullcrapping - this is college, after all) you'll make it happen. I know it.

    1. Thanks! It's very exciting, and having so much financial help is a blessing. I'm very fortunate for that and having such amazing friends either in my classes or a stone's throw away. :D

      And thanks for the luck wishes. I'm hoping that grad school is a breath of fresh air and a time to make something of those wishes and dreams. Haha.