Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Staples, glue, and the final project

An obscene amount of staples litters the floor.  Somehow, my fingers aren't stuck together because of copious amounts of glue stick glue.  My hand cramps from cutting out letter after letter.  And, yet, it's all part of the job that's paying for my graduate school education.

I've been a CA (Community Assistant), same thing as an RA (Resident Assistant) since my junior year of college.  I'm now a graduate-level CA, but have many of the same responsibilities as an undergrad one.  Checking people in and key distribution at move in, room inspections, floor meetings, on-call nights, office hours, etc.  However, one of my favorite things about the job is making bulletin boards every month.  I've previously shared some boards here and here.

This year, I have a board that's 5" wide and 4" tall.  The normal boards are 4" and 3" high, so figuring out how to cover the larger board is always an interesting task, but I try to make it work (even if I do have to stand on a chair to do so.  My boss doesn't care, so long as it gets the job done).  So, I present to you, my bulletin boards.  This is what I do during office hours when I'm not writing out hundreds of flash cards.

The first large bulletin board of the year.
I also make door tags every month for my residents.
120+ Pokemon hand-cut out for a border. Sometimes I have issues.
And sometimes it scars childhood memories of Pokemon.
Probably one of my favorite boards that I've ever done. It took forever,
but so worth it. Each clue has a dollar value, answer, question, and
extra details about the answer/question.

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