Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012: A Year in Review

What a year it's been.

This time last year, if you told me everything that was going to happen from then til now, I would never have believed you.  Having to make grad school decisions, meeting my best friend and love of my life, learning that it's okay to ask for help, graduating from college, surviving another summer of selling over-priced office supplies, and returning to the place I've called home for four (now five) years.

Wow.  What a year.  Facebook conveniently has made an app for the 2012 Year in Review for its users, and because I'm lazy (and possibly forgetting some things), here goes...

- Getting into graduate school.
- Getting a job that pays for my grad school tuition and room on campus.
- Traveling to DC with my best friend and the History Club.
- Graduating from college.
- Winning one of the Distinguished Service Awards at school.
- Being in a relationship with my best friend.

Yeah, I'd say that 2012 has been a pretty amazing year.  Sure, it's had its share of ups and downs, but the good has absolutely outweighed the bad in so many ways.

I have one final left to take.  I have one final grade in so far (an A in Foundations).  Vic and I are both leaving campus early on Saturday morning.  Break will yet again consist of seeing family and working, but of course, the best part is seeing friends and not having to worry about assignments for six weeks.


  1. When my sons were in college I cheered them from the sidelines. I never wanted more for them than to enjoy the blessings that came to them. Reading your post I felt the positive charm that you have embraced-exactly as I had wished for my boys. Mostly they got it. Sometimes it went over their heads. You have seen the light. Enjoy. I can tell you are the kind of guy who deserves it. Sincerely, Camerabanger.

    1. Thanks so much! I absolutely loved college, and grad school has been as equally as rewarding, if not more so.

      I would not be the same person I am today had I not met my boyfriend (the charming guy in argyle in my picture). He's been so supportive of me, and knowing there's someone who cares about you as much as you do about them is wonderful. :)