Monday, March 18, 2013

2 more months...

Only two more months until the first fall and spring semesters of my graduate school career are over.  Wow. Anyhow...

Fun fact:  Ever since my first day of school as a tiny five year old in kindergarten (no, seriously, I wore a size 2T shirt when I was 5), I have always had a love for school, school supplies, back to school clothes shopping (though that one has basically diminished since 9th grade), and the like.

Ah, kindergarten.
As many/most of you know, this summer, I'll have four classes, a graduate assistantship on campus, and a part-time job.  (A social life...that one's still iffy.)  The following fall semester, I'll again have a grad assistantship, three classes, and a practicum (abbreviated internship sort of thing that's twice a week).  This will also be the first time in five years that I'll be living at home and going to school instead of living on campus.  Apart for the fact that I won't get to see Vic every day, I'm looking forward to it in a way.  No 3 AM phone calls from residents getting locked out, no roommate disputes to mediate, no door tags to make... Ah, the non-residence life life.  Although this also entails once again sharing a bathroom with my 19 year old brother and 60-something father.  Ick.

My room at home is on the street side of the house, and I have a bay window in my room and I hear all of the traffic (not that there's much for a somewhat country road; though Country Road is one of my favorite songs...).  There's the good and bad of living at home.  My parents are going to be leasing me a car this summer, so that'll be helpful to everyone.  I also get to have home-cooked meals instead for food instead of the cafeteria food at school, which is awesome.  I will, however, miss Vic's cooking.  He's an amazing cook. I love it.
The first picture of us together. What an awesome year it's
been...Can't wait for forever with my best friend.

I've recently found myself looking for ideas for lunches to pack for school (I ate school lunches from ages 5-18 and don't particularly care to buy it again during my internships), trying to downsize and organize my room (having a drawer full of t-shirts at home seems ridiculous when I have a dresser at school that I only use 3/4 drawers of and only use one of my closets (Vic uses the others)), and also looking at different employment opportunities in the field of counseling.

I've worked in Residence Life for 3 years now, so I've considered that, but I also want something new in my life.  Student Affairs in general has always intrigued me.  And my degree will be in School Counseling.  Time will only tell what sort of job I'll have when I find it.

Vic has been looking for jobs with Academic Advising, something he really likes and not in this area.  We've talked about Illinois, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia... Basically, where the jobs are and a good place to live.  As I've told him many a time, no matter what he decides to do, wherever we wind up in this crazy world, I'll support and be with him every step of the way.

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