Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Bad puns aside, I can now say that I've crossed another item off of my bucket list:  donating my hair to Locks of Love.  Throughout college, my hair's been varying lengths.  However, once it gets to a point where it's so long that it's annoying, it's just time to cut it off and start fresh.

Because it had been over a year since I got my hair cut last, I didn't even know what style I wanted. I just knew I had to have 10" to donate, and whatever was left over, well, that's what I'd work with...


And the end results! (Taken with my webcam because I'm lazy.)

...and after!


  1. Looking sharp! I don't think I've ever seen your hair that short. It's a good look - very professional. Suits a recent college grad.


  2. That haircut is super cute! I donated to LOL once and I'm dying to cut my hair again, but I don't think it's long enough to donate yet. Enjoy your new summer do!

  3. I would love to donate my hair, but I hate cutting it. Was it scary?

  4. Shane, I think the last time my hair was this short was sophomore year... It was long overdue. And thanks! I love it.

    Jess, thanks! You only have to have 10" and my hair dresser said I had 12", so I would definitely ask if you're interested again. That's awesome that you've donated before. My boyfriend actually has as well.

    Joslin, it was a little scary since I hadn't had a haircut or trim in nearly 2 years or so. Admittedly, it was a little nerve-wracking when she started cutting across the ponytail, but it's such a relief once it's done and over.

  5. Your new haircut looks cute! Donating to Locks of Love was on my Bucket List, as well, and I did it for the first time in high school...since then, I've done it periodically. And just F.Y.I., I've heard that Pantene Pro-V has a similar campaign called Beautiful Lengths, and that the length of hair needed to donate is shorter...I haven't looked into it, but could be another option in the future!