Friday, June 10, 2011

Bus Stops and Blistered Soles

Somewhat of a shorter entry for tonight...

Just over a week has passed since I started my internship at the Red Cross in the 'Burgh... Twenty hours a week over the course of three days. (And that's on top of 15 1/2 at OfficeMax, but that's nothing new).

Thus far in my internship, I've been given a Red Cross email (which I definitely didn't expect), met a small group of awesome people, and more. I've made contact with potential volunteers, helped with orientation of a new volunteer, and navigated public transportation (buses are much easier to take than the T. I'm also fortunate enough to be staying with my grandparents for three nights a week. And they live pretty close to a bus stop, so it's perfect). Even if I did get lost coming home one day...

Just about anyone who knows me well knows I despise getting dressed up for any occasion. I'm much more comfortable in a pair of jeans, Converse, and a t-shirt. But alas, business casual is the protocol at the Red Cross. I often curse my feet, despite the fact I think they make me who I am (not sure why... just another random fact about me). Obscene arches and flat shoes don't get along very well.

And three blisters in the course of a day and a half? Not my idea of fun, especially when being dragged around the (craptacular) 3 Rivers Arts Festival after a seven hour shift.

Hopefully I'll have more to write next time, but for now... my un-air conditioned room awaits.

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