Friday, August 26, 2011

8 hours is a long time when you're hungry

The overnight shift... why did I do this to myself? I have to sit at the front desk of my residence hall from 12 AM to 8 AM. Every Thursday. This is already boring me to death. I still don't know what possessed me to decide to take the overnight shift. Thankfully, the internet connection this year is much better than years past.

So far, this is/was my shift... And yes, I'm giving/gave you a play by play because I'm/was that bored.

[11:52 PM]
I arrive downstairs to the desk early... A fellow RA lets me know of a situation that occurred earlier in the night. Seriously. An incident already? Geez.

[12:01 AM]
A friend who I've known since my own freshman year (or was it sophomore?) decides to come visit me and chat for a bit. We decide to watch season 1 of The Big Bang Theory because he's never seen it, and I love the show.

[12:23 AM]
A resident comes down to the desk area and says her toilet is clogged. I call the RA on-call, he lets maintenance know, they'll be here in the morning...when I'm still at the desk.

[2:16 AM]
Said friend leaves. I check my email accounts, Facebook, and begin writing this. I'm highly considering putting a movie in. I suspect that a Public Safety officer will eventually begin making his rounds and stopping at each building.

[2:26 AM]
I'm chatting with a friend on Facebook. Maybe I'll read the book I brought down. I have thirty cents on my shop dollars account on my campus ID. Exactly enough to buy... nothing.

[2:39 AM]
As was expected, Public Safety paid me a visit. The officer and I only chatted for a few minutes, just commenting on how quiet it is tonight. (Thank goodness!)

[2:44 AM]
I'm still hungry.

[3:13 AM]
I discover why Chris Gardner is wearing two watches on the cover of the book I'm reading.

[4:13 AM]
Played Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader on Facebook. Still hungry. Someone is in the breezeway and I don't know who, nor do I really care to find out. Making a list of snacks to get at the store for next time (and in general).

[4:40 AM]
Watching Little Miss Sunshine for the millionth time. Talking to a friend on Facebook. Only 3 hours and 20 more minutes to go!

[6:12 AM]
Little Miss Sunshine just ended... Now onto (500) Days of Summer. I buzz in a food vendor for the vending machines. I hope he's putting fresh Reese's cups in the machine. Last time I got some, they were gross and I threw them away. Wonder what he'd say if I asked him for a candy bar... He'd probably laugh at me.

[6:29 AM]
Opened the door again for vendor guy. He has Cheez-Its. Not shitty, awful Cheese Nips. Cheez-Its. Now I'm really hungry. And the sun is rising. It's pretty, but probably cold outside. It's chilly in the desk area. I need to wear sweatpants (or maybe PJ pants) and a hoodie next time. Not a t-shirt and gym shorts.

[6:40 AM]
Food vendor's in again. I'm still hungry. It's a good thing my friend owes me a ride to Walmart. Foggy morning outside. Back to the movie...

[6:46 AM]
Emailed a maintenance request.

[7:00 AM]
One more hour.

[7:37 AM]
23 more minutes...

[7:39 AM]
I explain yet again that the first floor wings are opened by the key slot on the wall, not the door itself.

[8:00 AM]
My shift is over and I realize a few things...
- I'm still hungry
- I need to get a life if I keep live-blogging 8 hour shifts
- I need another nap


  1. I never, ever, ever had the guts to sign up for the overnight shift. Because I know I can't hack it. I love sleep too much.



  2. Holy balls. I can't believe you are able to do that. But hey, a job is a job I suppose.

    Aaaand now I am playing Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

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  4. Well, funny story (edited, part 2)... The schedule for those working the desk had to be changed because of conflicting availabilities, so I asked to be removed from the overnight in hopes of getting a "normal" schedule (perhaps 2-4 hours at a time instead). We'll see what happens.