Friday, September 2, 2011

I couldn't say no

The sun was just at the perfect angle.

The location beckoned me closer.

The quiet, though near deafening, was a welcome reprieve.

My glasses and cell phone, though in arm's reach, were just far enough away...

The moment my head hit the pillow, it was all over. Sleep consumed me. Naps are my kryptonite. Give me the chance to sleep some more when I need it? Yes, please.

Superman.jpgGlorious doesn't even begin to describe it. Though I only remember snippets of my dreams (riding a bike through town, star-watching with one of my closest friends), the half hour that my nap lasted was ... perfect.

As I mentioned last week, I have the overnight shift of desk coverage; needless to say, it takes me a while to recover from having that shift almost right after a night class (scheduled for 8-10:30, but the professor lets us out earlier since we don't take breaks) and teaching another CA (same thing as an RA) a few things about the job.

It's 5:52 PM. I probably shouldn't have taken that nap so late in the day, but it's the weekend...finally. This has been the longest first week of classes that I can remember.

I'm only taking 15 credits (5 classes), but between classes, office hours, being on-call, covering the desk, and everything in between, it's been nice to have a break. As with nearly every weekend on campus, a mass exodus of students left. Admittedly, there isn't a lot to do in town on the weekends, so I did go home a lot as a freshman.

(The biggest mass exodus that ever occurred on campus was probably for Snowmaggedon, but that's an entirely different story. Perhaps for a different entry.)

But for now, I'm enjoying the quiet. It'll be a simple weekend. Cleaning, homework, and maybe even seeing a friend or two. Have a great weekend and Labor Day, readers.


  1. Yikes! And I thought I was busy. Don't know how you manage all that, but impressive that you are! Have a good weekend too :)

  2. I think you're probably busier than I am, especially since you're working on a PhD! (I actually just found out that my cousin got his a few weeks ago. Sad part is, I found out via Facebook)

    I've found that if I keep my calendar updated, it helps me immensely!