Tuesday, April 24, 2012

17 days... wait, what?!

Summer, sweet summer. So close, and yet, so far away. There are 17 days until I graduate from college. (Okay, confession: I knew it was quickly approaching, but I didn't realize there are only 17 days left. Holy hell, it's not that far away after all...)

Because who doesn't love creepy
Michael Emerson in GIF form?

Anyhow. As of today, I have completed a leadership program at school that I wanted to accomplish before the end of the month, had a graduate assistantship interview at school, as well as a few other things. I also got the chance to catch up with a former math professor after my interview. He's an incredible person whose care for his students and the school shows in so much of what he does.

I also saw a guy who is generally referred to as Bob the Book Guy. He comes in to my university's student center about twice, sometimes three times, a month and is just a general purveyor of books and a provider of thought-provoking conversation. I had previously told him about my grad school interview in Wisconsin, so I told him about getting wait-listed and explained my decision to stay where I currently am for grad school (provided I get in, of course).

We also chatted about how I want to help pay for as much of my graduate school as I can by myself. I've realized that, yes, I will need to rely on my parents for some support, being able to help pay for it is really important to me. I already have plans to go back to my part-time job this summer, and having a GA job would also help cover some of the expenses. He thought it was very admirable that I would want to help out so much. I simply replied that I (jokingly) blame my parents for raising me to be that sort of person.

Overall, the past few days since I've updated have been pretty low-key otherwise. Just finishing up final assignments, working on a presentation for Thursday, getting ready for an awards banquet on Thursday afternoon, and spending time with friends and the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. We decided to make our monthaversary on the 25th of every month last night because that was when we first started to hang out and it just be the two of us. Tomorrow marks two months from the time we first started dating, and these two months have been some of the happiest in my life.

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