Monday, May 7, 2012

The beginning, end, and everything in between

On Saturday, I will walk across a stage in front of a crapload of friends, family, and fellow grads (accurate measurement, I know), shake hands with the university president, and receive my diploma for a Bachelor of Arts.

Holy. Shit.
Two years ago, at Mom's grad party
(she's on the right)

My cap and gown are hanging in my closet. I have to pick up one more set of cords at the bookstore.

It seems like just yesterday I was watching my mom and one of my friends get their Bachelor's degrees, not two years ago. (And my mom graduates again this year with her Master's - it's a lot of fun going to the same school).

The final to-do list of my undergraduate career is very slim. I already started packing my room up (which is more depressing this year than it was last). All but my unopened Brita pitcher, pens/pencils, cleaning supplies, toiletries, printer, clothes, towels, sheets & comforter, and other odds and ends are all packed. I also need to eventually take apart my chair and ottoman, defrost my mini fridge, and then haul everything home.
The three amigos

Academically, I have two grades in and only have one more final to take.  I have 8 office hours as a CA left (6 of my own, 2 I'm covering for someone in exchange for them covering hours of mine), 6 work study hours left, and one last on-call day.

This year has by far been the most memorable in college. I have done so much, learned so much, and it's been amazing. Sure, there have been the bad times, but there has been so much more good. I have incredibly supportive friends and family, and the most wonderful boyfriend a girl could wish for.

It hasn't fully sunk in yet that I'm graduating, but that could have something to do with the fact that I'm hoping to be back at the same school in the fall for a Master's. I suppose only time will tell at this point. It's funny how things in life happen, but I love it and wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. I think "holy shit" wraps up the sentiment pretty nicely!

    It hasn't really sunk in for me yet, either, and it might not for awhile seeing as I am not walking (paperwork kinda didn't get turned in on time. oopsies!)

    Also, you have a lot more resolve than me in wanting to continue with your education. I am so DONE at this point that it isn't funny! Hope you get to go back and do what you want to do though! :)


    1. Thanks! I just got an email today that they're still waiting for my recommendation letters to go through (go figure) and I also have to take the MAT.

  2. That picture...classic. Don't we just look awesome?

    Approaching the end of your college career is a very surreal experience. I remember the last few weeks of mine. I couldn't process the fact that it was coming to an end. It just didn't hit me. But nevertheless, I set out to tie up as many loose ends as possible and have some great times with friends. I think you did a lot of that as everything wrapped up, even though you were busy :) We'll be seeing you soon.


    1. Tying up loose ends is always difficult, but I'm glad many of my friends live so close. It makes it somewhat easier.

  3. Congrats on making it! I hope that graduation was awesome, and hope that you have been having some good self-reflection-figuring-out-what-you-want-out-of-life, kind of days. Happy soul searching, and good luck finishing up the graduate school application stuff!

    1. Thanks, Jan! It's still sort of surreal. I'm sitting here on a Monday morning and I know that I don't have 2 classes tonight or work study hours coming up... But it's a nice change of pace.