Friday, June 22, 2012

Only Fools Rush In

Late January:  I'm the CA on-call and a friend/resident has had a bit much to drink and is acting, in a word, obnoxiously.  The next morning, the aforementioned friend's friend, who I had met the previous night, comes up to me and apologizes for the friend's behavior.  We talk a bit, and then he leaves.  A few days pass.  We see each other a few more times over the next few days, and chat a little more each time. My interest is piqued...

A little under four months ago today, I wrote an entry about how being single isn't the same thing as being alone.  I mentioned how a friend and I had made plans to hang out, just the two of us.  Today, I'm happy to write that said friend and I are now not only friends, but in three days, will have been together for four months.

February 7:  Friend request received (and accepted) on Facebook from the friend who apologized.  We begin to chat and hang out from time to time.

I'm not usually one to write mushy-gushy romantic stuff, but as I once told Vic, "Every girl deserves a Vic... But I'm lucky. I've got the Vic."  Sure, there's been some crazy, but overall, it's been amazing.  (And, of course, there have been some tears.  I never knew until now that a simple, sweet text message conversation could make me cry.  And it takes a lot to do that.)

February 25:  We start dating.  We tell some close friends and family members so it's not a total surprise when we decide to put it on Facebook (because everybody knows it's not totally official unless it's on Facebook, of course).

My friends have told me that they've not seen me this happy in a long time... And they're right.  Knowing that there is someone who cares about you and your well-being as much as you care for them is, well, wonderful.  From the silly SpongeBob references and rooting for the LA Kings to win the Stanley Cup, to taking each other for medical help, watching silly cat videos on YouTube and chasing after stray cats, listening to Elvis, and just being together, I never imagined this kind of happiness in my life.  It's amazing.

Today:  I write this entry as the happiest girl in the world who gets to spend a weekend with an amazing guy... And can't wait.

My favorite person to match in purple with... 

Wise men say, only fools rush in...
But I can't help, falling in love with you.
Shall I stay, would it be a sin?
If I can't help ... falling in love with you.


  1. I love mushy posts like this...what can I say? I'm a sap. Have a lovely weekend. I'm sure it will be wonderful. :)

    1. Thanks. Wonderful doesn't even begin to describe the weekend we shared. :)

  2. It's funny to look back months ago and think, wow, Cary and Vic were strangers then. I've grown so accustomed to seeing you two as a couple that I just automatically associate you together. You're right, I haven't seen you this happy in a long time...and heck, Cary, you deserve every bit of that happiness. Happy 4 months!

    1. It really is strange, having gone from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend (and best friends) in such a short amount of time...But I wouldn't change it for the world. I can honestly say I don't remember much of anything from my first semester of senior year. Second semester changed so much, and it brought about so much good, even with some crazy. And thank you - it means a lot. :)