Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Day, Another Walk

Around 6-ish today (well, technically now tomorrow), a friend stopped by my room and we chatted for a bit.  I mentioned I hadn't had dinner yet, and the school cafeteria didn't sound particularly appetizing (no real surprise there).  So, we walked into town, saw a mutual friend while doing so, and I got something to eat and we chatted for a bit.

We decided to take a walk with no predetermined destination instead of going back to campus right away. For what it's worth, those are always the best walks there are.  It was a fairly quiet evening.  Hardly any cars were out and the crickets were chirping, and the conversation was varied.  We walked along the river, passed a long-forgotten bar, and followed side streets and sidewalks until we were in the next town (a little under a mile away).

We walked along the highway for a stretch on the way back as well.  (Okay, clarification:  we weren't actually on the highway, we were on the other side of the guardrail)  Despite the fact I was definitely not wearing the right footwear for this venture, I enjoyed getting off of campus for a bit.  I don't get to do it often, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next of these walks.  It helped me de-stress and focus on the week ahead.

These are the things that I love about college... Walks through parts of town not discovered, having amazing friends, and making new memories all the time.  But now, bed awaits.  Week seven is upon me and that marks the halfway point of the semester.  This is where it gets real.



  1. I love days like that. Hanging out with friends without any real worries -- just doing whatever you feel like it.. Those are the best times.

    Glad you had a good time!

    Good luck with the second part of the semester. :)

    Cherie @ Refractions

  2. That does sound like a really nice time.

  3. That mutual friend apologizes for his drunken antics. Hey, it was a Sunday afternoon. #Winning

    I think that long-forgotten bar might be re-opening. I saw people working on the building when I passed it.


  4. This definitely makes me miss college! We used to be able to walk to the next town over pretty easily, and pretty sure our cafeteria never had anything appetizing! I hope you enjoy your last fall goes by way too fast!

  5. beautifully written! you perfectly described one of the things i miss most about college - the spontaneity.

    thanks for the comment on my playlist - i love that coldplay song too - it's one of my favorites right now :)

    have a great weekend!

  6. Cherie: Thanks! It was nice to escape for a little while, even if it was just a town over.

    Kathy: It definitely was.

    Shane: Perhaps there's hope for this little town yet?

    Amy: I think it's a cardinal rule that most college cafeteria food has to be unappealing... Except maybe the grilled cheese and pierogies. Haha!

    Lauren: Thank you! I love trying to let the reader feel like they're actually there. I had a past entry where people thought a dream that I wrote about was a true story.