Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's been a long week...

and it's only Wednesday.

Ever have one of those series of a few days in a row where absolutely everything seems to turn to complete and utter chaos in the blink of an eye?  That's been my week since Monday.

Monday morning was okay. I got up at a somewhat decent time, and looked over my notes for a midterm I had that day.  Fast-forward a few hours and grades were already posted.  Needless to say, I did not do well, and my grade took a substantial hit.  This upset me a lot because I was already doing iffy in the class as it is.

On Tuesday, I tried to put that test behind me, and remind myself that I'm better than that test.  I can prepare for future ones more in advance and get my grade up.  Overall, Tuesday wasn't terrible, but it was more a culmination of little things that got to me.  Usually, the little things don't impact me, but as my luck would have it, they did.

Today was an "eh" kind of day to start.  I went to the class that I didn't do well on the midterm in (and learned that my grade wasn't the worst in the class... Is it awful that made me feel better?).  After that, I didn't have too much going on, so I milled around campus for a bit and then went back to my room.  (Oh, and on the way back to my room from dinner, I got hit by a wayward frisbee on my elbow and side. I was walking right in front of the kid who was about to throw it. I think he assumed I was out of the way, and I assumed [wrongly] that he would wait for me to move).

After taking a much-needed nap - and because naps always make me feel better - I made a list of everything I need to accomplish in the next two months. I organized it by classes, extra-curricular activities, etc.  Strangely enough, despite how much I do need to do in these next two months... I think I can manage.

If I can get ahead in my classes (I'm feeling really confident about a test I have next Tuesday! Yay!), finish my zombie-inspired bulletin board by next Friday, and improve my grades... Well, it'll help me for the best.

Oh, and this song always helps put me in a better mood as well. If you've seen the movie Matilda, you already know what it is.

ETA:  I didn't get accepted to the conference I applied to.  There were only 10-12 spots for 72 applicants.  Oh, well.  Win some, lose some.


  1. Zombie-inspired bulletin board? I must see this.

    BTW, you got Comment Of The Week (from a little ways back) over at my blog.

  2. Kathy: And what an awesome weekend at home it was! Thanks!

    Badass: I'll post a picture when it's done. And thanks! You speak the truth when it comes to the heinous music.

  3. I was just about to ask about the zombie board - I too am looking forward to pictures of it!! :)

  4. Matilda and this song both rock. You rock for posting. It's hard being busy sometimes, but personally, I feel like a lot of things that keep me busy are also things that I find it works out in the end. I am also a "list person," too. There's just something about seeing it all written down and organized that keeps everything more managable and easier to fit it. And, I would make you a bet that if you graduate from college, don't have a job right away, and move away from the beloved college town on the Mon....You will WISH that you were able to complain about being busy!