Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Almost Cried in Class (a mobile post)

I have never cried in class. I have been terrified of a teacher (elementary school music class). I have almost failed a college level class. But today, I almost cried in class.

One of my classes this semester is a split distance course. Half the weeks of said course, my professor lectures on campus; the other half, he is at a branch campus. He alternates every week. Last night, he was at the branch campus.

During his lecture, he was discussing pay differences between men's and women's basketball coaches' salaries. I was taking notes on my computer, but he was still rambling. Anyhow, during his rant, I decided to check my email. Maybe a resident had emailed me or eBay had sent me another "Make HER Valentine's Day Special!" email. So, not only does eBay think I'm a dude, but one who's in a relationship. Umm, last I knew, I'm a girl who has been single for four years. Thanks, eBay.

But I digress. I deleted some emails and almost had a coronary when I saw three letters in a row in one subject line: SAA. Those of you who either read this blog regularly or know me in real life (or both) know what those letters mean to me.

Student Affairs Administration.

My dream graduate school/Masters program. I excitedly clicked the email. I couldn't believe what I read. I've been selected, by my top choice graduate program, to partake in a visit/interview day.

Oh. My. God.

Thank goodness my professor wasn't there to witness this... Even if the whole signing on to read emails and nearly having a coronary after reading a single occurred within a matter of three minutes. I could barely sit still for the last twenty minutes of class.

As soon as I got out of class and texted two of my best friends and my residence hall director. I called my dad as soon as I got back to my room and after I hung up with him, texted my mom to ask her to call me (I wasn't sure if she was still in class).

Needless to say, I've been in an incredible mood since about 7 pm... Even if I almost did cry tears of happiness in my night class.


  1. That's awesome! I'm glad it was a happy almost-cry and not a sad one - I wasn't sure what it would be based on the title!

  2. Thanks! I'm incredibly excited, but also nervous for the interview... I'll let you know how it goes! :)

  3. You better keep me updated! Also, I really approve of your new layout. It looks official and stuff.


  4. You know I will! And thanks! It took a while to figure out how I really liked it, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.