Sunday, February 19, 2012

West Coast Friendship

First, new theme! I was bored last night/this morning, and this is the result. I'm taking full advantage of Picnik while I still can. I'm still working out a few things, so hopefully the end result won't be too crazy looking. (I'm always open to feedback, too.)

Second, actual entry! I don't know why I'm such a fan of these music shuffle games, it's a little ridiculous.  Nonetheless, I snagged this from Kathy at That's What She Said.  You should totally check her blog out... It's awesome!

Rules of Ze Game
(1) Put your music player of choice on shuffle.
(2) For each new question, skip ahead to the next song.
(3) Use the song title as the answer to each question. (I always skip holiday songs and comedy acts, but that's just me)

And a forewarning... I have an incredibly varied selection of music. Just sayin'.

(1) How am I feeling today? "Feels like the First Time," by Foreigner

(2) Where will I go in life? "Unforgettable," by Nat King Cole, with Natalie Cole
I guess I'll be unforgettable to someone...sounds good to me.

(3) How do my friends see me? "Broken," by 12 Stones
Well, maybe in some way, yes. But I think anyone can be broken by something.

(4) What will my marriage be like? "If I Fell," by The Beatles
"If I trust in you, oh please, don't run and hide..." Seems appropriate to me.

(5) What is your best friend's theme song? "Breathe," by U2
I certainly hope that all of my best friends breathe.

(6) What is my life's theme song? "I'm Waiting," by The All-American Rejects
What am I waiting for? Granted, an answer about grad school would be awesome (but my interview isn't until next month).

(7) What was high school like for me? "I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight," by U2
I wasn't terribly crazy about anything in high school. I liked most of my classes.

(8) How am I going to get ahead in life? "It Was Written in Blood," by Bring Me the Horizon

(9) What is the best thing about me? "Somewhere in the Dark," by Punchline
"I've got some news/I might like it better without you, baby/What does that prove?" This seems appropriate. I'm able to put things from the past behind me.

(10) What is in store for you this weekend? "F*ckin' in the Bushes," by Oasis
Hahahahahaha. I think not.

(11) What song describes my parents? "Moment of Surrender," by U2
First, my iTunes apparently loves U2 today. Second, I don't see how.

(12) My husband? "Inertia Creeps," by Massive Attack
I don't have a husband (or fiance or boyfriend), so...

(13) How is my life going? "I'll Meet You There," by Owl City
Considering some of the song lyrics, I guess I'm waiting for that special person in my life.

(14) What song will play at my funeral? "Swan Dive," Ani DiFranco
It could be somewhat appropriate... I guess. Wouldn't be on my list of songs, though.

(15) How does the world see me? "Help," by The Beatles
One of my favorite things in the world is to help others.

(16) What will make my life happy? "Mona Lisa," by Harry Connick, Jr.
This song is one of my absolute favorites by HCJ.  The lyrics "Do you smile to tempt a lover, mona lisa/Or is this your way to hide a broken heart?" are chilling.

(17) How can I make myself happy? "She's Electric," by Oasis
Hmm. Perhaps lighting up a room?

(18) What should I do with my life? "Jerry Springer," by Weird Al Yankovic
Noooooo! I don't want to be on Jerry Springer!

(19) What will my children be like? "Voyager," by Daft Punk
Considering this song is all instrumental, I don't even know what to say...

(20) What is some good advice for me? "Fault Line," by 10 Years
I'm beginning to think that iTunes wants me to forget the past on move on.  "Leave me, I'll shed my skin these scars will mend."

(21) What is my signature dance song? "Piggies," by The Beatles
I have no idea how anyone would dance to this...

(22) What is my current theme song? "War Paint," by Rush
Well, there are some things that aggravate me in part.  Ugh.

(23) What does everyone else think my current theme song is? "It Ends Tonight," by The All-American Rejects
I promise it doesn't end tonight.  There are some things that I never want to end.

(24) What should I do right now? "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall," by Coldplay
I already have my music on.  I guess I should actually do something productive now.  Haha!

(25) What will I name this post? "West Coast Friendship," by Owl City
This makes me miss California and my family there so much.

My next post is probably going to be about my next program that I'm holding for my residents, possibly a picture of my next bulletin board, and the insanity that March is going to be...


  1. Can I tell you that I love your iPod? Your selections are fantastic. Coldplay and Owl City are always fabulous choices. I don't know too much Oasis, but the title of that song makes me want to listen to them more.

    Also, holy shit, that's me in your page banner. I'm honored.


  2. Coldplay is slowly becoming one of the most played artists on my iTunes (the top five artists are currently Rusted Root, Journey, Boston, Coldplay, and The All-American Rejects). If you ever want to take a look at my music collection, you're more than welcome!

    And unfortunately, to make this new theme work, I had to take down that banner. I'm working on making a new one though, never fear! :)