Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Have You Seen The Stars Tonite

Ah, spring break.  When you work on campus and work anywhere between 15 and 108 hours (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration) a week on campus, it's a nice reprieve to have a break from the insanity.  Last year for spring break, I got to celebrate my 21st birthday in NYC.  This year, I'm home for most of the day, sans parents and younger brother.  These are the (not-so-exciting) adventures I'm having...

On Friday, before I left, I hung out with friends for a while (as one had spent the night before) and then Vic and I hung out and ate dinner before I had to help close the res hall.  Which is always a bundle of fun boredom.  Basically, we just have to make sure that there are no residents still in their room who didn't get permission to stay.

Fast-forward to Saturday...
"I look ridiculous," I complained to my mother.  "You look fine," she retorted.  I sensed a bit of derision in her voice.

"Mother," I scowled, "I look like an addict who just rolled out of bed.  I don't even have my glasses on."  That sent her into a fit of giggles.  I sighed as I put my new driver's license into my wallet and continued to text a friend.

Following that misadventure at the DMV, my mother and I ventured to Walmart.  Going to WM with her is an adventure in and of itself, especially when she decides 1) not to bring her phone with her and 2) to divide and conquer the list with yours truly.  So, in other words, finding her is like looking for Guam without a map.  Or, in this case, the deli.

Anyhow, after we finally got home, my dad and I went to a Jefferson Starship concert.  In a word, it was fantastic. They played songs from Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Starship, and even Quicksilver Messenger Service.  This concert was definitely different from the first time I saw them. Sure, they played the classics like "White Rabbit," "Volunteers," and "Somebody to Love," but considering the variety of style the group has gone through, they played others that usually aren't played live, like "Hijack," "Have You Seen the Stars Tonite," and a song from the album Baron von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun (like I said, strange titles).

My dad decided to be "that guy" at the concert.  He loves the song "Wooden Ships" and insists on giving it a standing ovation every single time.  (And if none of those names mean anything to you, it doesn't surprise me.  Most 20-somethings just look at me like I'm insane.)

Beyond that, I haven't done much of anything. I've read a lot. Chatted on Facebook with friends until 2 or 4 AM. I've had a few strange dreams, not like that's anything new (one involving me breaking all the toes in my right foot and the other had the president of my university calling me out in front of a group of 500 people to receive an award).

I walked 6 miles last night in a little under 2 hours.  Even though it was mostly dark, the stars were gorgeous (one of the reasons I love living in the country), birds were chirping, and I crossed paths with a few deer.  Needless to say, my hips were not happy with me this morning. Why I decided to do that is still beyond me.

In other news, my not-so-little brother is turning 18 in 2 days. I suspect I'll be acting the same way when he turned 16 and will again when he turns 21: sheer and utter panic and shock. And lots of feeling old. Oh, the fun of being the older sibling...


  1. You say your adventures aren't exciting, but I disagree. A concert, nighttime walks, and relaxation? Sounds awesome to me!


    1. Well, the concert was absolutely awesome... The pain I've had for the past few days because of said walk? Not so much limping around the mall. Haha.

  2. First time visiting your blog! love your content! I'm jealous.. I haven't walked 6 miles in ages!! haha And your perentals sounds hilarious.

    1. Thanks! I hope you continue to read! :)

      And, yeah... My parents are kinda goofy, but I love them.

  3. My sister just turned 16 and I totally was like - what is this all about? You're not supposed to be this old!!

    1. Crazy, isn't it? My brother just graduated from high school yesterday and that made me feel even older! D: