Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

Oh, what a day. As usual, or at least my definition of such, my alarms were set for 7:45 and 8:15 so I could be up by 9 to turn in the on-call phone to the CA office. It had been a long night on-call, as I had four residents get locked out of their rooms, an inebriated resident who also happens to be a friend, and other minor annoyances.  Despite all of that, I still managed to get to the office in time to turn in the phone and then go back to bed for an hour and a half (and then scurry to get ready for my own office hours).

Anyhow, beyond having a day of office hours, one class, seeing a friend, and hanging out with Vic, there really didn't seem to be anything else going on except leaving for home. Or so I thought.

Whenever my mom picked me up, she was talking to an aunt of mine who lives in Florida. I didn't give it much though, as the two of them chat from time to time. However, as they hung up, my mom dropped the metaphorical bomb on me: my step-grandmother is in hospice with kidney failure. Because that was exactly what I wanted to hear.

It still really hasn't sunk in. Maybe because I'm not terribly close to my step-grandmother, I'm not really sure. I mean, she's my dad's only living parent, but I've never felt that grandmother-granddaughter connection to her that I have with my grandmother on my mom's side. I feel awful saying that, but that's the truth of it.

It's also a weird feeling, I suppose, because I was just getting to be comfortable discussing my great-aunt and great-grandmother's deaths with my counselor and finally tearing down some of the resistance I had built up. Death's a weird subject to talk about.

However, morbid as it probably seems, I know I have to put this to the back burner right now because of my grad school interview on Friday. I'll be tweeting about that trip as much as I can, considering I'm supposed to be leaving in 5 hours. (For those who don't follow me, you can find my Twitter here.

I can't promise any blog updates during said trip, but I'll do what I can... And sometimes, it's the only thing I can do.

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