Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unpack. Organize. Repeat.

"Oh look! We can be
questioned by
Leonardo DiCaprio!" -Vic
I'm surrounded by books, pillows, clothes, a gown from graduation, various toiletries, pictures, and a general mess. Yup, it's that time of the year again: moving back home from college and figuring out how to unpack and organize my life. It doesn't help that my parents decided to move a small couch and chair into my room a few weeks ago either. But I digress...

Last Saturday after graduation, I got home and did a whole lot of nothing. Sunday was a fairly low-key Mother's Day.  I spent it with my family at my grandmother's house and then went to Vic's to spend the night before going to DC for an awesome few days.

The Capitol
Last time I was in DC was 7 years ago, so getting to go back was a lot of fun. We saw the monuments, a few museums (Natural History, American History, Madame Tussauds), took a tour of the Capitol and National Archives, explored Chinatown, and so much more. Because Vic had done an internship in DC, he knew the Metro really well (which I was thankful for, because I'm generally hopelessly directionally challenged).

Being able to take a mini vacation was a great way to just get away and relax for a few days. No internet, email, Facebook, Blogger... Just relaxing and enjoying each other's company and getting to know the other people we were traveling with (well, for me anyway. It was a History Club trip, after all).

With Mr. Lincoln
From what I can tell, the rest of the summer is probably going to be pretty relaxing as well. I'm going back to my part-time job, hanging out with Vic and other friends, having a ridiculous grad party (we're celebrating 3 graduations in my family this year: Mom got her Master's, I got my Bachelor's, and my brother graduates from high school in a few weeks).

Beyond that, I have to take the MAT for consideration for admission to a Master's program and am hoping to hear back about some potential graduate assistantship opportunities to help pay for grad school. We'll see what happens.

I guess I should finish unpacking now...


  1. Umm. Next time you are in DC you must tell me so we can hang out because I live about 5 minutes from a metro station.

    Also. Next time you are in DC you must go see the Newseum. Period. End of sentence. Unlike most museums in DC, it does cost money to get in. But it's so worth it. And totally awesome. I completely geeked out, but I was also a journalism major, so yea. Oh. And go to the International Spy Museum and do Operation Spy. That is all.

    1. I definitely will, because I want to go back already! If we had had a little more time, I definitely would have let you know. I would love to meet up!

      I heard that the Newseum was awesome. We were going to go, but there's just so much to see and do (Vic actually got to tour it for free when he interned in DC 2 summers ago). I saw the Spy Museum last time I was in DC. (And this time, Vic and I just toured the gift shop to kill some time before going to the baseball game. Haha!)

    2. I'm gonna second the Newseum idea. SO FUN.

  2. That sounds like an awesome trip! I've never been to DC but it looks cool :)

  3. That'll be a super cool grad party with so much to celebrate. :)

    I HATE HATE HATE packing/unpacking, and can currently feel you on that front. Blah!