Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Graduate Assistantship Search, Take II

By this time tomorrow, I'll have finished (or nearly finished) visiting two offices on campus to discuss working for them as a Graduate Assistant for the summer and fall semesters.  I've been involved with one of the offices as a peer mentor for the past three years, and the other is somewhat foreign to me.  It's with my university's college of education.  I was not an education major in undergrad, and I have only taken a single education course in my four years of undergrad and one semester of grad school.  (And I'm taking another in the spring.)

Therein lies my inner debate.  If I am offered a position at both offices, do I go for the comfort of knowing that I already have a working relationship with one office or see what could be the start of something different and new in the other?  I think I'll just wait until tomorrow to see what happens in this regard.

I'll also be going to the school my brother attended for fifth and sixth grade in two weeks to discuss the potential to work with the school counselor there as a practicum (intern) student during the fall semester.  Yes, I realize that the spring semester of this year hasn't even begun, nor have I gone through candidacy (which is how students in my program are officially accepted into the program)... But I'm trying to plan ahead best I can.

Classes start in a little under 3 weeks.  In the meantime, I'll just be working, hopefully spending a day in the city with Vic, going to a friend's house to celebrate her birthday, and something with the mother person.  She wants to do something before I go back to school.  What that something is... I haven't the slightest idea.  And, now that hockey is back (finally), watching some games.

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